S2 7.9 Sailboat Sails and Parts

Image: Karen Banks.

S2 7.9 after complete deck restoration, new standing and running rigging and new sails.

Unbridled Sailing has been active in the 7.9 fleet for years. The boats are a great mix of portability, interior space, and sailing performance. For this reason the over 30 year old design is still popular with sailors of all levels. The Tiara factory in Holand, MI pumped out 545 of these boats in 2 runs. Since thier numbers are limited, owners are always finding old hulls and rebuilding them. Unbridled Sailing recently completed a complete restoration of #497. The deck was soft and everything needed to be replaced from sitting outside in NJ winters for 10 years. The story of that project can be found here.


MXL Mainsail Black Technora or Gold Kevlar $

We reccomend a flicker with this main, as it is built to class max.

(2 full battens, 2 tapered partial battens, roll bag, Numbers, Insignia)



MXL Genoa Black Technora or Gold Kevlar with numbers and deck bag $


MXL Jib (black or gold) with 3 horizontal battens, deck bag. $


Backstay setup complete


Epoxy powedercoated backstay flicker (Stiff and coated for long life)




All prices include shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

If there are other parts you need, Unbridled Sailing is a Harken and Lewmar Dealer, and we know the S2 7.9in and out.